5 reasons for US companies consider exporting to South Africa

Five reasons why U.S. companies should consider exporting to South Africa:

  1. The all-of-U.S.-Government initiative, Prosper Africa, is now fully constituted and leverages concerted inter-agency programs to facilitate U.S. commercial access in Sub-Saharan Africa in the face of foreign interests.
  2. New-to-market (NTM) companies should consider South Africa’s geographic advantages, logistics infrastructure, widespread use of the English language, and relatively transparent legal processes, which make it a low-entry threshold country. The business environment (legal, publicity, marketing, forensics, process outsourcing, etc.) is arguably the best in Africa.
  3. South Africa is a business incubator for new-to-market ideas; as the middle class in Africa grows, business models launched in and from South Africa will find easier acceptance in other Sub-Saharan Africa markets.
  4. The penetration of South African companies and agencies into Africa makes finding the right partner to collaborate with in third markets a low-risk business development model.
  5. South African companies are receptive to various partnering arrangements with U.S. companies, ranging from agency to licensing, joint ventures (JVs), mergers, and acquisitions; some South African companies hope to enter the U.S. market through similar arrangements.

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