We are looking forward to you and your story

In addition to getting access to a database with reliable business partners and the upportunity of being found by potential businesspartners we also would like the visitors of our website to get familair with entrepeneurs who have experience in doining business in and with South Africa. It does not matter if your endeavour in South Africa was succesfull or things did not work out they way you have liked to. The added value of this website is that entrepeneurs participate actively to this medium and are prepared to share their experiences.

We are also anxious to read the stories of entrepeneurs who would like to share their expertise in a certain area with our readers. So if you would like to share your story about a certain branche, provence, town we invite you to share it with us. You can do this on a regular base or once only.

Send us your contribution with or without pictures and if your story fitts our criteria we publish it as a news message on our website. Criteria are that your story had an added value, is meant positively and does not have too many words. Ofcourse you receive the credits and we publish your story including your name and companies name. Commercial stories we will refuse, you can use our advertisements for that.

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